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Frequently Asked Questions 


Does the pricing shown include embroidery?
Yes. All of the pricing shown on the site includes 1 location of embroidery up to 10,000 stitches. In addition, all pricing includes free shipping and free setup.


What is the minimum order amount?
We have a low minimum of 25 pieces. You can order below 25 pieces and a below minimum charge of $6 per piece will be placed into the cart.


Can I order below the 25 piece minimum?
Need to order below our 25 piece minimum? Not a problem. We understand that sometimes you just need a few pieces for a new staff member or special event. The pricing that is shown on the site is based on 1,000 pieces but we only ask for the 25 piece minimum. You can order below the 25 piece minimum with the below minium charge of $6 per piece. The absolute minimum is 6 pieces. You can mix any style, size and color to reach the 6 pieces. 

-You can order below the 25 piece minimum with the below minimum charge of $6 per piece added to your order
-Absolute minimum is 6 pieces
-Shipping will also apply to orders under 25 pieces

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I need to have two logos on our garments. What are the additional charges?
Not a problem. If you need to have two logos on the garments it will be an additional $5 per piece and an additional ontime setup of $50


Free setup?
You got it. All orders include 1 free setup. If you need to add an additional logo a one time setup charge of $50 is required.


Free shipping? Is it sent snail mail?
All orders with the mainland US will ship for free via UPS Ground. Our facility is able to reach most of the US within 2-3 days.


Can you do an additional location of embroidery?
We can, not a problem. You will need to purchase the amount of additional locations needed from here. Minimum amount is 25 pieces. In addition, you will need an additional setup.


Will I see a proof prior to production?
We insist that you approve a digital sewn proof prior to production. What is this you ask? We sew your logo onto a piece of material, photograph it and send it to you for approval. This way we are all on the same page before threads go on the items. Orders do not start without approval. Repeat orders do not have proofs prior to production.


Can I switch thread colors within an order?
Not a problem. When you fill out your order detail form just list out the threads colors needed per garment. 


How do I upload my logo?

We have two ways to be able to upload your logo. The first is by filling out our order detail form prior to placing your order or after your order is placed a link is provided on your confirmation email to begin the order detail process.


Where do I explain the logo location and colors to use?
All of this information will be able to be listed on the order detail page.


Can I mix and match styles, colors and sizes to reach the minimum amount?
You got it! You can mix all items to reach the minimum order amount. 


Do you offer additional discounts for large orders?
The pricing listed is based on a 1000 piece order but we only require 25 pieces to place an order. We do an incedible amount of embroidery and we pass the volume savings over to you. Any orders over 1000 pieces can be submitted for additional savings. Please contact customer support for additional information.


How soon can I have my order?
Orders are produced in 10 business days or 2 calender weeks. During this time we provide you with a digital proof for your review. The proof normally arrives 3-4 days after an order is placed.


Do you have a printed pricelist?
No, unfortunately pricing can change quickly. Due to this, we do not provide a printed pricelist.


Do you carry seconds?
No. We only carry top quality apparel. We do not have any plans to offer irregulars or seconds.


Do you ship COD?
No, this option is not available.


Do you accept purchase orders?
Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect does accept purchase orders from approved clients. Your first order will be required via credit card, at that time you are eligible to submit a credit application.  


How do I exchange or return an item?
Because the item is custom embroidered we do not accept exchanges or returns. If the item is defective we will provide a replacement or credit for the defective item. You must notify us with 10 business days of receipt of your order for a replacement to be issued/provided.


How can I quickly reorder?
All of your orders are kept within your account that can be viewed when you login. You can view all of your past orders and reorder with one press of a button.


Do you ship internationally?
No, you will need to have your shipment sent to a freight forwarding company. You can still receive free shipping when it applies to the freight forwarding company.


How do I cancel an order?
Once an order is placed we instantly jump into setup mode to have your order quickly produced. For this reason, we may not be able to cancel the order. If an order can be cancelled, a 15% cancel fee may be applied.


I need to split my order into multiple shipments
Not a problem. The first shipment will ship for free and all other orders will have shipping applied to them as well as a $6 split ship fee per shipment.


What is your sample policy?
Because we sell all of the garments undecorated through our sister sites as low as one, we do not provide free samples. We will however waive all restocking fees for the returned items if an order is placed on Apparel Monster for those returned items. You can visit our sister sites listed at the bottom of each page.


Terms and Conditions
All purchases by each buyer from Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect and shipment of goods by Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect are subject to the following terms and conditions, to the extent not in conflict with any written document signed by Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect: 1.Ordering. Each incoming purchase order or other order by any means is a binding offer by Purchaser to purchase from Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect. Such offer may be accepted by Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect by confirmation, by performance or the making of arrangements preparatory to performance, or in any other appropriate manner. All orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable unless Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect agrees to the contrary in a signed writing. 2.Terms of Sale. Acceptance of an order by Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect is expressly limited to these terms and conditions and those set forth in any written quotation from Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect. Any additional terms on Purchaser's form are objected to and rejected, and shall be deemed a material alteration hereof. Purchaser agrees that any additional terms on any purchase form from Purchaser are superseded by these terms and conditions, that such additional terms are not part of the agreement between Purchaser and Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect.3.Pricing. Except to the extent Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect has given a written quotation which Purchaser has accepted by placing a purchase order within the time specified above, pricing is subject to adjustment to reflect Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect prices in effect at the time of shipment, and in all events pricing is subject to change upon the occurrence of a force majeure event (as provided below). Purchaser must inquire in advance of ordering for Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect standard order quantity for each item. Purchaser shall pay all sales, use and other local, state and federal taxes and impositions, except Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect income taxes, due or arising in connection with the sale of goods by Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect to Purchaser or applicable to the goods after delivery. 4.Payment. Orders other than on open accounts must be prepaid on terms acceptable to Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect. Purchaser shall pay all wire, electronic transfer and similar fees. Purchaser agrees to pay all court costs and attorneys' fees incurred by Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect in collection of any amounts due from Purchaser or due to Purchaser's breach of any of these terms and conditions. Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect reserves a security interest in all goods as security for the payment of the price and all other obligations of Purchaser. 5.Shipping. Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirector its agent may ship and pack the goods, select a carrier, make a transportation contract, and put the goods into the possession of a carrier, in any manner and on any terms Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect or its agent may see fit. Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect standard method of shipping is UPS Ground. All other shipping methods must be clearly indicated on all orders prior to order confirmation. Purchaser shall pay all costs of shipping. Title to goods shall pass to Purchaser upon delivery of same to a carrier, F.O.B. place of shipment. Occasionally, some orders may ship as partial orders. If an item is short, it may be back ordered and shipped separately at a later date. Subject to paragraph 6 below, if Purchaser requires its order to ship complete, Purchaser must indicate such on Purchaser's original order. 6.Shipping Discrepancies. Shipping discrepancies include quantity, item, incorrect shipping method, packaging and damage. It is Purchaser's responsibility to confirm its receipt of order by reviewing Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect packing slip and physically reviewing the goods. All discrepancies must be reported to Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect within 48 hours of receipt (as reflected by carrier's proof of delivery) or Purchaser will be deemed to have accepted such shipment and such shipment shall be deemed to be free of discrepancies. 7.Returns. No goods may be returned to Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect without Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect prior written consent, and then only to the extent of the quantity and under the terms and conditions set forth in such writing. All returns must be approved by Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect in its sole discretion, and are subject to a restocking fee. Receipt of a returned merchandise authorization (RMA) number does not guarantee a credit for returned merchandise. 8.Force Majeure. In no event shall Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect be liable for, or be considered to be in breach of its obligations to Purchaser, because of any breach, default, or delay in the performance of any of its obligations occasioned by occurrences or contingencies considered 'force majeure' including, but not limited to, delay caused by inability to obtain transportation, inability to obtain materials, delay in transit from a manufacturer or supplier or failure to make delivery by a manufacturer or supplier, shortage of fuel, failure of sources of supplies, breach or default by a supplier, strike, lock out, labor disputes, disasters, fire, flood, accident, invasion, riot, war, revolution, embargo, restraint, acts of God, disease, epidemic, public health crisis, substantial increases in the price of goods (as defined below), materials, parts, supplies, shipping costs, customs duties, taxes or other costs, failure of electronic equipment, software and/or Internet service, currency exchange rate fluctuations greater than 20% over a twelve-month period, demand of the United States or any other government, failure of any other party to perform its obligations, or any other cause or contingency beyond Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect control which shall prevent or materially impair Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect from performing in the normal and usual course of its business in a profitable fashion. A 'substantial increase' shall be defined to mean an increase of more than 20% over the previous twelve-month period.  9.Limited Warranty. Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect warrants that the goods will at the time of delivery conform to the description made in the applicable catalog and that Purchaser will acquire good title to the goods. Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect MAKES NO OTHER AFFIRMATIONS, PROMISES, OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, as to the condition, quality or characteristics of the goods, or as to any other matter whatsoever. Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS AND EXCLUDES ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND ANY WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. In the event of any breach of the warranty made herein, Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect will, upon reasonable notice from Purchaser, either replace the affected goods or refund the purchase price paid by Purchaser to Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect for the affected goods, at Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect option. The foregoing shall constitute the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY for any breach of warranty. This exclusive remedy shall not be deemed to have failed of its essential purpose under any circumstances. Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY DAMAGES, OR FOR ANY OTHER DAMAGES OF ANY KIND. 10.Governing Law. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina. Purchaser specifically consents to the jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of the State of North Carolina situated in Wilmington, North Carolina with respect to any dispute arising between Purchaser and Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect under these terms and conditions or in connection with any goods purchased by Purchaser from Apparel Monster Powered By LogosDirect, and agrees that all actions shall be brought and maintained in such courts. None of the products sold through this website are designed or intended primarily for children 12 years or younger. No product is represented in its packaging, display, promotion or advertising as appropriate for use by children 12 years of age or younger. 

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